Wednesday, 10 May 2017


"failed States"
Year:    2016
Country:    Canada
City:    Winnipeg
Label:    Epitaph
Format:    CD , LP
Tracks:    12
Time:    38 min.
Lyrical themes:    anarchism,  pacifism
Genre:    rock
Style:            Punk            Prog Rock

We could to describe Propagandhi nowadays as a "prog punk" band formed in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1989 by guitarist Chris Hannah and drummer Jord Samolesky. Since the beggining they used to make songs more pop punk oriented in the 90s decade style as many bands from California, US and everywhere. But latest years Propagandhi risked to change 180 degrees its music style and to try to make more complicated structures, longer songs and mature lyrics, becoming in some kind of "prog punk", so a result to mix classic punk rock with other styles such as: progressive rock, post-hardcore, sludge and even heavy metal influences. The band already risked in "supporting caste" (2009) and repeat again its adventure in this "failed States", which is still farest than classic pop punk. Acclaimed for some ones or disappointed for other ones, is more than evident the great progression that Propagandhi has expiremented: high technical level, complicated structures, long songs and original lyrics with do not lost their attitude and principles. Perhaps not adequat for those lovers of classic melodic styles, but more than recommended for those who search new ideas, points of view and experimentations.
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"supporting caste"
Year:    2009
Country:    Canada
Label:    G7 Welcoming Comite
Format:    CD , LP
Tracks:    12
Time:    38 min.
Lyrical themes:    anarchism, pacifism
Genre:    rock
Style:            Punk            Prog Rock

"supporting caste" is the fifth full-length album by the punk rock band Propagandhi. It was released on March 10, 2009 through their own label "G7 Welcoming Committee Records" in Canada and US, "Hassle Records" in the UK and Europe. It is the first Propagandhi release with second guitarist David Guillas and the first not released on former longtime label Fat Wreck Chords. It is the third Propagandhi release on their own label. The album was recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. In part to stop or impede the leaking of the album, the band set up a page with an option to receive two high-quality songs from the album before release, by donating as little as $1 to one of three activist organizations supported by the band. This page also links to various pre-orders of the album. The band uploaded the entire album onto their MySpace page on March 3, 2009 for fans to hear ahead of its release. The album was critically acclaimed and was voted by users as the best album of 2009. The excellent artwork is by Canadian artist Kent Monkman, entitled "The Triumph of Mischief". And both, artwork and lyrics are charged of political messages and vindications for different causes. Musically and lyrically continue to become in complicated forms and structures closer to prog rock, symphonic rock and even some kind of heavy metal. Truly original
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